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Sep 20

The Importance of Writing

I have been really bad about writing this year. If you look my last post was back in January, and we are already in September. It has definitely been a busy year for me which has been distracting. Recently I read this article that I thought was important enough to both share and act on. …

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Jan 05

Cross Site Scripting

Cross Site 1

Recently a few of my friends had become white hat hackers. This is an interesting predicament for a person like me. I am both a systems designer and developer. My very good friends had more or less become a friendly version of the enemy. Over a couple of beers they recounted tails of how insecure …

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Status update

I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving from Tech Daemon to you! Enjoy your turkey!


Nov 09

New Top Level Domains

It is here. It is finally here! New top level domains! What does this mean you might say? It means that you are now going to see websites like or I would be curious to see how this will effect the online landscape. This is not the first time that top level domains …

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Hello followers. I have found yet another boon of information. The link below has free ebooks in just about every topic in programming you can think of. Unlike my previous ebook links these are over all kinds of topics, not just Microsoft. For my sharp eyed readers you will see the Microsoft I have published before made the list. Seriously an unbelievable amount of material that can help you on your next project.


Sep 22

Colosimo Photography is Up and Running

My friend John Colosimo will be featured on the Parana Observatory’s picture of the day for his astrophotography. He is quite the talented photographer, and if you have never seen astrophotography it is quite amazing. The planning and forethought that goes into each of those pictures is quite impressive. I am happy I could help …

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Status update

I have decided to do something about universal data. I have created a website called Query Glass. QG will start off as a simple database project, but there will also be a data aggregation server design thrown into the mix. That is the special sauce so to speak.

So keep an eye on development. I will include a link in the projects tab on this site to make it easy to find.



Aug 11

A Shift for Universal Data

In today’s technological climate its a shame to see how decentralized we are. Every group is trying to take a new spin on things, but accomplish very little. Granted this is probably the most connected society the universe has known, but it could be so much more. Even with all these connections, the information technology …

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Everyone loves free. Recently Adobe has released their entire CS2 line of products. These 2005 suite of products are hands down the best in class for its era. Now they are seven years old, but they are still quite powerful tools by todays standards.

Happy publishing!!


Dec 26

Home Theatre System: The Design

I recently stumbled upon a new hobby that has been quite an adventure for me. One that requires both technical skills, as well as, creativity to solve problems. You see I have a fascination with system integration, and enjoy finding ways to make systems where you can not tell there is any integration at all. …

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