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Tech Daemon is a personal project maintained and developed by myself Manuel Martinez. This site is meant to serve as an easy to use reference for new developers just starting to get into programming, as well as a resource to the many tools available on the internet. I am also using this site to host small projects that I have worked on such libraries and programs that I do not mind other people using. The main source of inspiration for this project is the journey which I have taken as I have worked on becoming a professional in my field of study. As I have learned and experimented I have embraced a philosophy which I have lived my life by, and that is “Simplicity is productivity” and “Productivity Saves Lives”. One of the toughest hurdles that I have had to overcome is that of understanding what other people are trying to say. In my experience, the more simple and easy to comprehend a concept, the easier it is to master and comprehend. I know this sounds painfully obvious, but in the professional world this quickly gets lost in a world of grey.

Simplicity is Productivity

This philosophy can be applied to many things, but in the world of information technology it is often forgotten. It is estimated that technical information doubles every four years. That means that half of what you have learned in college will most likely be obsolete by the time you graduate from college. This trend tends to make things much more complicated and more difficult to learn as time goes on. Imagine being assigned to review a co-workers program and make a few adjustments. Most of your time will be spent trying to understand what the code does as opposed to actually making adjustments. That is why if your code is simple and easy to understand the overhead involved in making this adjustment will be as minimal as possible.

Another reason for my motivation towards simplicity is that as I have studied and learned I have come across several challenges. These challenges have in many cases been over my head at the beginning, but by researching and studying I finally figured out a solution to almost all problems that I have confronted. One powerful tool of mine was Google and Bing. The problem with these sources of information is that in many cases you have to view several sources to put one idea together and hope that it works, and if those ideas get more advanced you have to use more complicated sources which are more scarce. That is why it is important to be simple even if something is complicated. If you keep it simple most people will be able to keep up.

Productivity Saves Lives

The words “Most People” is the key to understanding the appropriate output. In the end, the people using your services typically are not techno savvy. Even if you are a consultant assisting an IT group. Your ultimate end user will typically be the land manager or accountant, not an IT professional. That is why simplicity is ultimately what is important. Making a product is much like conducting a presentation. You put together a message and present it in a manner that is logical and easy to follow. The only disadvantage is that your goal is to present the information without having to have a Q&A session afterwards. That is why the number one rule in any presentation also applies to IT. The number one rule is to know your audience. Understanding who is reading the output from your system will determine how it is interpreted. That is why it is crucial to keep it simple and easy to understand because if they understand it easily then they can get back to the rest of their lives just that much faster.

When thinking about this topic I am often reminded of a quote by Steve Jobs. When creating the successor to the Apple II Steve Jobs noticed it took too long for it to boot. So he told one of his engineers, “How many people are going to be using the Macintosh? A million? No, more than that. In a few years, I bet five million people will be booting up their Macintoshes at least once a day. Well, let’s say you can shave 10 seconds off of the boot time. Multiply that by five million users and thats 50 million seconds, every single day. Over a year, that’s probably dozens of lifetimes. So if you make it boot ten seconds faster, you’ve saved a dozen lives. That’s really worth it, don’t you think?” So next time you are designing a system think about it the way Steve Jobs did. Every second you save for the user is another second they can use for the rest of their lives.


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