LetsEncrypt a project developed by the Internet Security Research Group is now offering fully automated SSL certificates for free. If your new to certificates or never really understood what the “s” in HTTPS did, heres a quick explainer. HTTPS allows your browser to do a SSL connection with the webserverRead More →

Something that hasnt been much of an issue in the past is email delivery, but as the amount of spam email rises providers are increasing the scrutiny of of what emails they are willing to accept. The main reason is the ease of which a programmer can send infinite emailRead More →

My friend John Colosimo will be featured on the Parana Observatory’s picture of the day for his astrophotography. He is quite the talented photographer, and if you have never seen astrophotography it is quite amazing. The planning and forethought that goes into each of those pictures is quite impressive. IRead More →

I have decided to do something about universal data. I have created a website called Query Glass. QG will start off as a simple database project, but there will also be a data aggregation server design thrown into the mix. That is the special sauce so to speak. So keepRead More →

Hey Amazon, what are these references to Kindle Tequila. Are we getting some kind of party Kindle now? Or a Amazon brand tequila?   [important]Update: The mystery has been solved. The two new Kindles have been code named tequila and whiskey. It was fun while it lasted.[/important]Read More →