Free SSL Certificates for Everyone!

Free SSL Certificates for Everyone!

LetsEncrypt a project developed by the Internet Security Research Group is now offering fully automated SSL certificates for free.

If your new to certificates or never really understood what the “s” in HTTPS did, heres a quick explainer. HTTPS allows your browser to do a SSL connection with the webserver that the website runs on. This certificate is handed to your browser to verify through some complicated means that it is in fact the server you are trying to reach. Once the servers identity is verified keys are exchanged and used to encrypt the traffic.

Some other benefits of using a certificate on your website is search engine optimization. Google and the others have begun ranking sites with https more favorably than http. It prevents many of the man in the middle attacks by causing warnings to appear on the browser instead of simpling passing the user through to the malicious server. It is required for AMP which in 2018 be a major component of SEO. Plus becuase your site supports AMP itll load insanely fast!

By providing this service smaller sites can now offer basic encryption services. Previously certificates cost about $50-$60 dollars a year which in the long run is not much, but now hopefully certificate based encryption will becomes the norm. With enrypted traffic on the internet passing 50% earlier this year the Internet is becoming a safer place.

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