The Importance of Writing

The Importance of Writing

I have been really bad about writing this year. If you look my last post was back in January, and we are already in September. It has definitely been a busy year for me which has been distracting. Recently I read this article that I thought was important enough to both share and act on.

The article is about writing. You see writing provides many valuable benefits. For me the main ones are competency and self examination. This blog here may seem like a random collection of information pertaining to my thoughts on computer architecture, theory, and helpful tips, but for me its an examination of my personal growth.

One truly understands something if they can translate it in to words, and have another person read it and grow from it. Its the same concept as learning through teaching but cranked up a notch. With this I will start brainstorming some cool topic about some cool technology, and publish a cool article about it that cool people read!

But before I end this article I would like to share what made me get back into writing. The article is called “Everyone Should Write” and it briefly and effectively tells you how to get started doing it.

Everyone Should Write

So with that…. Im Back Baby!!!!!

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  1. Wooo! So glad to see you back at it man! Work that writing muscle everyday if you can and the ideas will start to flow!

    I look forward to reading your cool technology articles for cool people 😛

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