New Top Level Domains

New Top Level Domains

It is here. It is finally here! New top level domains! What does this mean you might say? It means that you are now going to see websites like or I would be curious to see how this will effect the online landscape. This is not the first time that top level domains have been added. Take in mind back when they added country specific domains, like the one I use for this site.

The .me domain is actually based out of Montenegro, and was added to the domain structure back in 2007. Everyone thought it was going to be a hit. It was priced competitively, and a slew of marketing campaigns were launched like the one below trying to convince consumers that the .me domain was going to make the internet personnel.

Well it worked. The .me domain is now a very commonly used domain for blogs and personnel sites like this one. With the appearance of other top level domains it will open up new opportunities, but with so many… I predict that many will be failures.The reason is that .me resonates with what it is. It is quite literally me. Domains like .day and .fire will probably be overlooked. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any great ones like .app which will probably sell through the roof.

Another thing to note that these new domains since they are fresh are being sold at a premium. The domain .luxury for example is being sold for $700, but more importantly this will destabilize the domain market. Most people don’t realize that domains are bought and sold as a commodity. People make a living doing this, finding attractive domain names, buying them low, then selling high. This will make the supply of names grow astronomically. The effects on the market are yet to be seen. Between installing a price floor like the price of .luxury and the increase of supply it is hard to tell where the value of domains will be once the dust has settled. I believe that people are cheap, and the price of domains will probably stay close to the price floor. I also think that some domains which are currently valued very highly will lower in value since decent alternatives will now exist.

Right now only .luxury, .menu, .build, and .uno are available for presale, but there are hundreds more that will be going on sale soon. So if you really want to get in on this, I normally use GoDaddy for all my domain name registration. They are fast, easy, and if you search for coupon codes super cheap. You should never have to pay full price on their site.

So happy coding, and happy registering!

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