How to Sync IE 9 Using Skydrive

How to Sync IE 9 Using Skydrive

This is a topic that puzzled me. You see this used to be done automatically using Windows Live Mesh, but becuase of many reasons Microsoft discontinued it. Now with the new Skydrive there is no clear way of doing it. To make matters a little more confusing when I attempted to search, everything I saw suggested this was no longer impossible. After pondering about how I would do this I came up with a solution. You see, as long as you have Skydrive on your computer thats all you need to pull this off. The best part is its very simple. I got the inspiration from playing around with fusing Linux and Windows file systems together.

1. First thing you do is open your windows explorer.







2. Navigate to your user directory. This is typically, C:/User/(your username), but it can vary. Then right click on favorites, and select properties.



















3. Then click on the location tab and change it to the folder that holds your Skydrive files. Now I have a default installation of Skydrive, and it placed a folder in the same directory as my favorites. It is a matter of repointing favorites folder into a identically named folder inside of the Skydrive folder. It will ask you if you want to copy your favorites over. For the first time say yes.


















4. The last step is doing this to all your computers. They should all now have a favorites folder inside the Skydrive folder. So now if you add a link, it’ll create a new link file. Then Skydrive will sync it, and all your computers will recieve the update quietly.

And thats it.  As long as you change the locations on all your computers to point to this same directory they should stay syncronized. So next time someone tells you that you can’t do it they are lying, or more than likely just uninformed in the matter. Good day!


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  1. Great, That clears up matters for me. I was struggling to do this.

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