Debugging in Visual Studio

Debugging in Visual Studio

One important skill as a developing professional is debugging. I came across this article from a tweet by the visual studio team, and it is superb. I usually prefer to write my own guides, but I really can’t put it any more simple or clear than Abhijit Jana already did. Jana is a tech evangelist and former Microsoft MVP. I find it important to follow these individuals especially early in your career. Their knowledge is invaluable, and they themselves are very well networked. Twitter has made it easy to follow these individuals, and they constantly tweet interesting topics which I have found useful in my professional development.

So just to name a few of the many topics that this guide covers:

  • Breakpoints
    • Debugging with Breakpoint
    • Labeling in Break Point
    • Conditional Breakpoint
    • Import / Export Breakpoint
    • Breakpoint Hit Count
    • Breakpoint When Hit
    • Breakpoint Filtering
  • Call Stack
  • Debugging Multithreaded Program
  • Debugging Parallel Program
  • Debugging with IntelliTrace
  • Useful Shortcut Keys For VS Debugging

I hope this article is as useful to you as it has been to me. So code strong!

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