Things That I Dream of

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs we all reflect on innovation in different ways. Some people like to look at the cool gadgets that he gave us. I prefer to look ahead. Microsoft recently came out with several concept videos of their vision of the future. I love concept videos because they show us what would appear impossible and sets the tone for future innovation. This then inspires new generations to achieve these lofty goals. These videos are what I dream off every night. A world that is integrated. One where information is available. Thank you Microsoft for this glimpse into the future. I can only hope that I can contribute to this vision becoming reality in some way. I will now happily leave you with the videos, and hope that everyone will keep dreaming so that we can make this into a reality.

The Microsoft’s concept from 2009
What they evolved it too in 2011
The future of healthcare
A look into the future of manufacturing companies
The future of going to the bank
What a trip to the store could be like in the future


  1. […] that propels humanity in that direction. Microsoft always does a good job making some of the most intriguing concept videos of how technology is supposed to interact. With walled gardens going up, our world is being divided […]

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